Maritime Salt Makers of Canada | Dartmouth, NS

Maritime Salt

Welcome to my blog. I’ve been making sea salt in the Canadian Maritimes in Nova Scotia since 2014; but collecting saltcellars, cooking with sea salt and reading about sea salt for much longer.

Sea Salt always makes me happy. It’s ancient, forms quietly from seawater on a warm summer day, sparkles like diamonds, looks elegant in a salt cellar on the table, makes food soooo good and we can’t live without it!

I’ve had lots of questions from foodies and fans at farmer’s markets, customers and friends about salt history, sea salt use, how to make it and what’s the difference amongst the many types of sea salt found around the world.

I’ll share what I know and what I’ve discovered. I’ll review books; show you salt art and salt cooking utensils and accessories; share recipes; and write about everything sea salt and its history. It has a fascinating history going back thousands of years. It’s not really food – it’s a mineral. And it’s necessary for life itself.

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