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Sea Salt

Sea Salt

Maritime Salt Makers of Canada

What It Is

We produce the only solar-dried sea salt in Nova Scotia. We believe in sustainable practices and local food. Our natural salt has only one ingredient, Nova Scotia sea salt- no additives! It is a moist unrefined food-grade finishing salt with all of the ocean’s trace minerals intact. It is produced by simply allowing the sun to work its magic! We filter the ocean water and dry it in our salt houses that work like greenhouses by amplifying the sun’s heat and allowing the sea water to dry out. That is it! We package our sea salt in 75g glass jars and small cloth gift bags.

How It’s Made

We regularly visit our favourite beach, from May to October, fill dozens of jugs with Atlantic sea water, and let the sun work its magic in our salt houses in Dartmouth.

We don’t boil the sea water. It takes a lot of energy to boil the ocean. We only use solar energy from the sun. We produce beautiful, moist salt crystals from May to October. We smoke some with applewood chips and leave some natural. We have grown from 1 salt house to 4 salt houses and we plan to build even more! We still get excited when we see the beautiful crystals form at the bottom of the pan on a warm sunny day.

Maritime Salt Makers of Canada

Find Us

Find us at these fine retailers:

    • Independent Mercantile – Halifax, NS
    • Kept Gifts & Housewares – Dartmouth, NS
    • Coconut Creek Gift Shop – Dartmouth, NS
    • Between the Mountains – Berwick, NS
    • My Home Bay – Mahone Bay, NS
    • Conifer Floral – Masstown, NS
    • Earltown General Store – Earltown, NS
    • My Home Apparel – Truro, NS
    • Fisherman’s Picnic General Store – Lunenburg, NS
    • Local Source – Halifax,
    • Uprooted Market & Cafe – Musquodoboit Harbour, NS
    • Atlantic Treasures Energy Stones & Crystals – Digby, NS
    • The Kiwi Cafe – Chester, NS
    • Foxhill Cheese Market – Halifax, NS

And in these wineries:
Jost Vineyards
Avondale Sky Winery

Ask for us at the Harbourstone Sea Grill & Pour in the Halifax Marriot

You can also find our Sea Salt in the curated artisanal boxes of
Bennet Boxes Dartmouth, NS and Maude & Montgomery Charlottetown, PEI

Using Nova Scotia Sea Salt

Our Nova Scotia Sea Salt is a solar-dried 100% natural sea salt. It is a coarse, moist salt. It is a finishing salt. Natural sea salt tastes clean and strong; so you don’t need as much as table salt when using it for cooking.

It is used by simply taking a pinch out of the wide-mouth jar and sprinkling it on your food. If you need our salt finer, it can be crushed between your fingers. Or you can crush the larger crystals with the back of a spoon or mortar and pestle. Don’t use a salt grinder it will clog it up!

Our smoked sea salt is made from our natural sea salt smoked with applewood chips. That’s it.

Natural Sea Salt absorbs moisture from the air as it has no anti-caking agents. Look after our sea salt by keeping the lid on the jar. If the salt gets too moist for your liking however, just dry it in the oven.

We make 2 kinds of Nova Scotia Sea Salt

Natural Sea Salt with nothing added
Smoked Sea Salt from applewood chip smoke

Maritime Salt Makers of Canada

We love experimenting with our Nova Scotia Sea Salt and being creative! There are endless ways to use sea salt! Try it on strawberries, corn on the cob and of course on caramel sauce over ice cream.

Check out some of our uses for our Sea Salt. We would love to see your ideas. Contact us on Twitter and Instagram @maritime_salt

Maritime Salt Makers of Canada

Maritime Salt Makers of Canada

Maritime Salt Makers of Canada